Sonntag, 3. September 2017

Spielbericht / AAR: Black Powder AWI - Somewhere near Harlem Heights

Last Friday we had a small game using Black Powder rules, which was intended to bring 2 new players to the rules.
So we set up nothing fancy - a simple meeting engagement with small woods, a sunken road, fences and so on.
Both sides had equal forces and we didn´t use special rules for the different units, just 1st Fire for the regulars, skirmnishing for the lights and - well, militia for the militia ;-)
Miniatures and terrain from Holger and Heinz. Rudi and Robert (the new players) commanded the British, Georg and me the Americans.

It was an exciting and fun game with a clear victory from the British who have completely defeated our right flank - the dice gods were definitely not on our side *gg*

Sonntag, 27. August 2017

SAGA: My Saga begins - 1st unit of warriors

The next part of my future Gotlanders - the first point of 8 warriors, miniatures are Gripping Beast, Shieldwall and Wargames Factory.

This is also my first attempt to depict damage and dust on the shields and as you can easily see, I still have to practice a lot, but that´s life ;-)

And here are the pictures.

Sonntag, 6. August 2017

SAGA: My SAGA begins - Archers

One of my next projects, which will certainly keep me busy for the next few months, is the painting of a troop for SAGA.

Since I had been in the reenactment for a long time and had built up a gotlandic representation for the beginning of the 11th century by means of grave finds, my first army will orient itself accordingly.
However, I will play my Gotlanders not as Viking, but as Anglo-Danes - reason are the corresponding grave finds in the various graveyards, in which quite often axe heads of Daneaxes have been found.

As far as equipment and clothing are concerned, my Gotlanders will have an Eastern influence.
There are hardly any finds of helmets and garments on Gotland, but I am guided here by the representations of the numerous sculptures on which repeatedly pointed helmets, bobbing trousers etc. are recognizable.

Some of the mentioned pictures from Gotland:

And here is the 1st point (of the planned 6) for my Gotlanders/Anglo-Danes - a unit of 12 levy archers.
Miniatures are a mix from Wargames Factory, Gripping Beast and Shieldwall Miniatures.

Sonntag, 30. Juli 2017

Spielbericht / AAR: Bolt Action - Somewhere in East Prussia, 1945

Bei einem der letzten Treffen des THS hatte ich mein erstes Spiel nach Bolt Action, nachdem ich bisher ja nur Chain of Command gespielt hatte, was Spiele auf Platoon-Ebene angeht und ich muß sagen, ich fand das Spiel klasse!
Die Regeln sind einfach zu lernen, spiegeln meiner Meinung nach das Hin und Her der Gefechte auf diesem Level gut wider, hat gelungene und einfach zu merkende Mechaniken und für mich mit am wichtigsten - es macht einfach Spaß!

Wir spielten mit 2  schwachen Platoons pro Seite; die Deutschen hatten hauptsächlich Volksgrenadier- und Volkssturm-Einheiten zur Verfügung, verstärkt durch einen Granatwerfer, einem Infanterie-Geschütz und mussten das kleine Dörfchen verteidigen, daß auf einer Flanke durch befestigte Stellungen geschützt wurde.
Die Squads der Sowjets bestanden hauptsächlich aus regulärer Infanterie, verstärkt durch Marine-Infanterie, Granatwerfer und einem BA 10.
Da dies mein erstes Spiel nach diesen Regeln war, übernahm ich das Platoon auf der rechten Flanke (ein reguläres und ein Squad Marine-Infanterie, dazu den Ba 10 und das freie Squad unerfahrener Infanterie).

At one of the last regular meetings of the THS I had my first game of Bolt Action. Until now, I had just played Chain of Command of the available games at platoon level and after this game I have to say, I just like BA!
It´s straightforward and easy to learn, in my opinion gives a good representaion of the ebb and flow of battles at the platoon level, nice and easy mechanics for firing, spoting, moving and so on, but more important - it´s fun!

We played 2 understrength platoons per side; the Germans had mostly units of Volksgrenadier and Volkssturm, complemented with a mortar, infantry gun and had to defend a little village which was protected by some earthwork at one side.
The Soviets had mostly regular infantry, bolstered by a veteran naval squad, mortar and a BA 10.
As it was my 1st game, I took over the platoon at the right side (regular and the naval squad, the BA 10 and the free inexperienced squad).

Looking at the Battlefield from the soviet side

2 squads of Volkssturm occupy the liitle forest on their side, just opposite my platoon.

Volkssturm moves into position, bolstered by a regular MMG.

The germans take up their positions to defend the little village against the red hordes!

The glorious Soviet army is advancing against the fascist aggressors ... well, as this was my first game and I had no clue how effective the fire from the germans will be it was more or less a cautious crawl ;-)

The left soviet flanks moves against the villages under cover.

Leaving the wood on my flank, the german MMG took it´s toll. My inexperienced squad loses 3 men, gets 5 pins and because it´s moral dropped this squad had to run back to the wood and go down ... not a good start!

Looking from the right side along the battle lines, my LMG and the BA 10 move forward to return some fire at the german positions.

My inexperienced squad try to recover in the wood, while the naval infantry moves forward to support the squad at the hedges.

A few moments later, the Black death sided with their comrades ...

and with this support the infantry try to dislodge the Germans from the wood.

At the same time, our left flank goes over to the attack too - there some nasty surprise awaits them: a flamethrower!

The Volksgrenadier had to took some casualities from my LMG and the BA 10 and now my Soviets go over to the attack, followed by a bloody hand to hand combat that will eliminate this german squad.

The Volkssturm defending their position - a few moments later they will have to move to the village, cause two houses get lost to the Soviets after bloody combats

These very old and very young men went crazy at his day, pushing the bolshevist hordes  out of the houses again - looks like this village is their home!

On my right flank I could take the little wood at last, but it is too late, our right flank suffered to high casualities and we have not enough men left, to take the village.

So, the soviet commander called it a day and break off, we will come back another day.